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New GBCE Truck

  • A New Truck for Park City Green: Park City Green has its own truck! It was purchased, registered, insured and driven to its first deliveries and pickups last week. This 26 footer with a powered liftgate is perfect for collecting mattresses, delivering steel, and picking up old, used books. Bradford Mitchell, PCG Operations Director, and his team have been waiting for the day when they would have a truck. Thanks to St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) and Terry McDonald, its Executive Director, they have that truck now. SVDP provides seed money to new, waste-stream-diversion companies that are created with SVDP’s assistance under a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program that funds these new businesses to create jobs for folks who have experienced barriers to employment. Park City Green, and its founder Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises, share the mission to create jobs to employ low-income, unemployed Bridgeport residents.

  • Fairfield County Community Foundation – Incentive Grant: Fairfield County Community Foundation has awarded Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises a $20,000 incentive grant to encourage growth of the Park City Green mattress recycling business (PCG). You may be wondering: What is an incentive grant? Well, it’s an idea that Karen Brown, Vice President of Programs at FCCF, thought of as she matched this program to an anonymous donor who wanted to help PCG grow. Park City Green began production a year ago with truck-loads of old mattresses coming in from a major retailer, a few municipal transfer stations and a couple of colleges. The operation has grown its client list to 20 institutions and companies that either contract to dispose of their mattresses by deconstructing them or purchase our deconstructed materials (foam, wood, steel, cotton) for re-manufacturing. Now, with this new grant, when the volume of activity attains a new level, part of the grant will be sent to us to support the growth of Park City Green’s activity. For the next year, every quarter we will have a new challenge to meet and another $5,000 to invest in the business if we meet that challenge. We think that’s interesting and doable! Thank you FCCF for your support and new ideas.

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