What’s New

Park City Green (GBCE’s mattress operation) is constantly working to increase municipal and private participation in the state’s mattress recycling program and to find ways to run our production facility and warehouse more efficiently. To that end recently we purchased a metal crusher using Community Development Block Grant funding. Thank you City of Bridgeport! The crusher will help us deliver a value-added product to the metal market and increase by 10-fold the price of metal we sell for recycling. Love those $$ that will be re-invested in more jobs and equipment for our growth.

PCG collaborates with Goodwill, Project Longevity and the Kennedy Center to hire unemployed, disadvantaged Bridgeport area residents. Since 2012 when we began this social venture, we have seen 100 people come through our doors, working full time and part time. They have gotten training and work experience with us and used this employment as a transition to other opportunities. This summer we have a very active staff of 26 people.
You may have also heard that Park City Green is proud to have helped in the recycling of more than one million mattresses in the last 2 years. We are part of a nationwide mattress recycling program called Bye Bye Mattress. Recyclers in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have collectively contributed to the success of this program.

Adrienne Farrar Houël, President and CEO of the Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises which founded and operates Park City Green says, “As the Bye Bye Mattress collection network expands to serve more and more municipalities and institutions such as universities, hospitals, retailers and hotels, we will continue to build our capacity which we hope to increase significantly over the next two years.”

Park City Green (PCG) has deconstructed 92,000 mattresses since May 2015 when the Connecticut Mattress Recycling Law went into effect. Our coverage area has increased exponentially to include all of Western Connecticut and is continuing to grow.