Newsletter: December 2012

Our year-end request to you is to help support GBCE’s exciting upcoming work to develop another 2-3 new green enterprises and to grow our current enterprises to create 90-100 new jobs in Bridgeport.

You are a valued partner of Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises.

With community support, GBCE was founded only 6 years ago.  In that short time, we have a developed a Job Training Program that trains disadvantaged residents for jobs in the new green economy.  We have developed 2 new green businesses, the Green Team and Park City Green.  And we are about to embark on an even more ambitious plan starting in 2013.  Read all about it below.


You can help us continue full speed ahead to fulfill our mission of creating jobs in Bridgeport.  We urge you to make a year-end tax deductible contribution to Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises.  Please send your check to: GBCE, 570 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, CT  06608.  And please check with your employer to see if you can double your gift with an Employer Matching Gift.


We thank you for your generosity and support !

During this last year, GBCE has achieved astonishing results with your help, support and encouragement.

Park City Green opened amidst much celebration and media coverage around the nation.  More than 150 people attended the ribbon-cutting.  Joining Mayor Bill Finch were numerous state commissioners and dignitaries, and local community, government and business leaders.  Business is growing with mattresses stacked up to the ceiling and spin tables and compacting machines running nonstop.


RESULT:  Park City Green has created 5 jobs in its first five months and is on track to create another 15-20 jobs over the next few years.  We are deconstructing more than 400 mattresses a week, keeping them out of landfills and incinerators, helping preserve the environment, and saving municipalities, health care facilities and universities high disposal fees.


Job Skills Training Program.  The WorkPlace provided funding for 2 cycles of brownfields and deconstruction job skills training for Bridgeport’s low-income unemployed residents.  Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust awarded GBCE contracts for 2 cycles of environmental remediation training and refresher courses for minority contractors renewing their licenses.


RESULT:  In 2012, GBCE graduated 115 from our job skills training program (99% graduation rate).  This year $1.2 million has been pumped into struggling Bridgeport neighborhoods by our graduates who have found employment as a result of GBCE’s job skills training program.


The Green Team completed the Green-Up House.  (See the video on our Mission Page in which workers talk about what a job means to them.)  Apprentices from our job training program joined the Green Team to complete the first phase of the restoration of the historical Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses in Little Liberia, a community of free blacks in Bridgeport that flourished before slavery was abolished in the state.


Result:  The Green Team completed $150,000 in contracts in 2012 for a total of $750,000 over the last five years, providing jobs for 27 unemployed low-income residents, and is on track to create another 10-15 jobs over the next 2-3 years.


While finances have been a continuing challenge
and our budget is constantly stretched,
you can see that GBCE provides a huge return on investment.

New and exciting opportunities for 2013

New Green Enterprise Development:  Next year we anticipate deepening our relationship with the St. Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop another 2-3 new green businesses over 4-5 years.  GBCE has been selected to be one of four regional centers that will focus on the development of green businesses to create jobs for disadvantaged populations.


Green Business Hub:  Adjacent to Park City Green, GBCE will establish a Green Business Hub for shared services and expertise for current and future GBCE green businesses. Our Hub will become the center for GBCE’s new offices, new business R&D and job training. These services will help both our current and future businesses to grow, succeed, and create jobs.

GBCE 2011-12 Budget:  $1,081,000

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