Bridgeport Urban Green Business Hub

Green Business Hub MeetingGBCE’s vision is to create and grow labor-intensive green businesses that employ low-income unemployed local residents. Our goal is to provide 100 new jobs over the next 4-5 years by creating more new green business. The opening of Park City Green, “a waste stream diversion operation”, marked GBCE’s most recent social business venture that has created 20 in the last 18 months. In the immediate future we are identifying opportunities to expand services around the mattress recycling function. Transportation and personal pick up services are already developing and we hope to sell additional services to institutions that require assistance in replacing, collecting and loading used mattresses for transportation.

Building on the experience and expertise gained through the development of our first nonprofit green businesses, GBCE will develop a Green Business Hub that will provide the market research that identifies additional opportunities for new nonprofit green businesses. These services will help both current and future businesses to grow and succeed.

To build its Hub, GBCE will consolidate general office and financial management services for all of its enterprises, thus providing standardized budgeting and accounting across all businesses, and creating savings for all of them, present and future.

Within the Hub, GBCE will create a core group that can support the research needed for new business selection, creation and expansion. GBCE will grow its marketing capacity and expertise as it identifies and researches new and emerging markets; develops coordinated marketing strategies; plans and implements development strategies; designs integrated marketing tools and linkages across businesses; and implements coordinated social media campaigns.

The personnel of GBCE’s businesses will turn to the Hub for: professional development and mentoring; TA and operational guidance; back-office IT and administrative support including financial and HR services, workforce development; and forward-looking identification of emerging trends and market opportunities.

GBCE is currently developing a plan to consolidate its operations at the site of Park City Green, 459 Iranistan Avenue, in additional space available for expanded hub operations, new businesses, training classroom and workshop. The facility will include Green Team enterprise offices and inventory space; and shared hub facilities such as kitchen, meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art conference room, and copy/print space.

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