Newsletter: August 2012

Grand Opening of Park City Green,
New England’s first nonprofit mattress deconstruction
and materials recycling enterprise


Grand opening of Park City Green draws more than 150

Park City Green had its ribbon-cutting and opening celebration on June 27, 2012. Mayor Bill Finch proudly officiated. Congratulatory remarks were given by CT Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Catherine Smith, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Dan Esty, and CT Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner Dennis Murphy. More than 150 business and community leaders, elected and government officials celebrated the opening.

Park City Green will create new jobs in Bridgeport by taking apart discarded mattresses and recycling the component parts. It will take mattresses that would normally go to landfills or incinerators and take them apart and recycle the metal springs, cotton, foam and wood. Park City’s Green revenues will come from selling off the component parts for reuse and from fees it will charge to take discarded mattresses which will be lower than normal mattress disposal fees paid by municipalities, hospitals, colleges, hotels, and others.

Park City Green is a collaborative business venture of Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises, Family ReEntry’s Fresh Start Program, and the St. Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County with the assistance of the City of Bridgeport and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Park City Green exemplifies the triple bottom line

Park City Green’s triple bottom line was extolled by each speaker. It will have environmental impact. At full capacity, it will process 100,000 mattresses per year and remove 4,600 tons of solid waste from the waste stream. It will have social impact. Its employees will be ex-offenders and low-income unemployed residents of the South End where the facility is located. Lastly, it will have economic impact. These new jobs will provide economic self-sufficiency for as many as 25 families. More than $300,000 per year will be pumped into struggling local neighborhood economies in Bridgeport. And, it will save cash-strapped municipalities money in mattress disposal fees.


CT Department of Economic and Community Development presents $50,000 check
Catherine Smith, Commissioner of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development presented Adrienne Houël, President & CEO of Greater Bridgeport Enterprises and lead partner for the development of Park City Green, with a check for $50,000 for purchase of deconstruction equipment.This comes on top of a DECD low-interest loan for the start-up of Park City Green. Other key funders for Park City Green include: City of Bridgeport Community Development Block Grant Program, Community Capital Fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, St. Vincent dePaul Society of Lane County, and The WorkPlace for on-the-job training. 


Bob’s Discount Furniture to send its mattresses to Park City Green

In a surprise appearance and stealing the show, Bob Kaufman of Bob’s Discount Furniture bounded into the room to announce a major contract between Bob’s Discount Furniture and Park City Green for deconstruction and recycling of the component parts of the discarded mattresses it collects when it sells new mattresses.

The City of Bridgeport will bring mattresses to Park City Green from its transfer station as will other municipalities in the state. Yale University has an agreement with Park City Green for disposal of discarded mattresses. And Hilton Hotels will ship hundreds of mattresses to Park City Green for deconstruction and recycling of the component parts.

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors

GBCE would like to thank the sponsors for this event.

Champions for a Greener Future: Alloy Engineering, GE and People’s United Bank.

Advocates for a Greener Future: AltruShare Securities, Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, Santa Energy, Southern CT Gas, and UI.

Supporters of a Greener Future: ABCD, The Community’s Bank, CT Department of Labor, Earth Environmental Consultants, Kuchma Corporation, Optimus Health Care, and TLC LLC.


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