Next Chapter Books, Book Recycling

GBCE Book RecyclingGBCE has a new business line: old, used book recycling. For the past month, we have been contacting Libraries and Friends of Libraries about collecting their old, used books for reuse and recycling.

GBCE will recycle old used books that libraries are currently discarding and likely are ending up in landfills or incinerators. After the library has sorted through the books it wants to keep or can sell, we take the books they were planning to discard. Some of them will be reused and the majority will be recycled for paper pulp.

Here is how it works. We will separate out any children’s books or other used books that can be sold at a nominal price to inner-city young parents or urban readers and then recycle the remainder for paper pulp that will be remanufactured into recycled paper.

By working with us, libraries will be seeing the books that are no longer wanted put to good use in either paper recycling or reuse to encourage reading on in our urban centers. And these libraries will be helping us to create jobs for people who really need them.

Processing “discarded” books is a brand new social enterprise start-up for us. Our first customer is Bridgeport Public Library. Other area libraries are interested and are now in the process of making the decision to work with us. In this first month we have begun working with Ridgefield, Trumbull, Danbury, Westport and Southport (Pequot) libraries. We are looking forward to working with additional partners in the next weeks: Norwalk, Weston, East Hartford, Brookfield, Canton and Monroe.

While continuing to work with public libraries, we look forward to gathering old books from colleges, universities, schools, and through book drives with non-profit friends and book bins that can be located in strategic spots throughout Fairfield and neighboring counties.

Book Drop-Off: Are you an individual looking to discard old books? We can help! Drop off your books (free of charge) at 459 Iranistan Avenue in Bridgeport, CT!

Online Store: The Next Chapter Books Amazon Store is up and running! Find all the used books that were too amazing to be recycled HERE!

For all inquiries, please contact us!